Beauty without expectations


I’m going to wash the dishes, but -what a boring task- let’s look up for something cool in YouTube, for the mean-time. So, I’m listening to the first part of Beethoven’s 9th, and then Gustavo Dudamel, the Venezuelan conductor, makes a speech. I’m totally zoomed in, paying attention to it, thinking how nice it would be to translate it for the blog, when crash! I notice that I’ve broken the glass that I was washing, and I’m bleeding from both my right index and little finger. It took a long while for it to stop bleeding, but now  they are in the process of healing with two band aids (I’m writing without using them).

Translation of Dudamel’s speech: (partial)

There’s no need to be a renowned artist to judge as successful a life project, just as there’s no need either of fame or fortune, like instruments to measure the transforming capacities of art and culture. Art consists in different vital experiences, sincere expressions of human nature, but not because of that, it stops being a daily activity, carried forward by many people, most of whom, never abandon anonymity. I am convinced that a lot of you, for sure, are artists in your own way, and that daily you undertake creative activities, without any other expectation than participate of the sublime act of producing and appreciating beauty.

Hence, we continue trying. Bloody fingers and all.


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