Waiting for the red light to change

 traffic light_0

There’s a guy that has been asking for money by the traffic light next to my house in Mexico, for the last several weeks. One day, I was wearing a beige cap, while I was waiting in my car for the red light to change, and he told me, with a smile: ‘I used to have a cap like that, but green. It fell down when I was on the train’.

A chill crossed down my spine. I knew he was from Honduras, a small country to the south of Mexico, because he showed his I.D. to the people passing by. I remembered a documentary that I had seen once, about a net of trains called The Beast (La Bestia) that a lot of people (400,000 to 500.000 each year, Wikipedia) from Central American countries used to reached the United States.

I asked him, trying to appear unmoved:

– Where were you in the train?

-On the roof. That’s why I have this cast, – he shows me his left arm-, I fell from it and broke a bone.

-Are you going to stay here? Where are you heading?

-To Tijuana, and then, to the North.

-Do you have money to cross the border?

-A friend of mine is going to help me out, – red light changes.

-Good luck! – I wave and leave.

He is very strange looking, has blue eyes, and his face looks indigenous. He’s got a pair of teeth missing, and is always smiling. Another day I saw him by the traffic light again:

-How has been your day? – I ask.

-I’m leaving early to the shelter – he points his cast- this is hurting today.

-When are you leaving to the North?

-Nah, I’m going back home. My older kid, who is in the last year of high school, doesn’t want to finish it and wants to drop out. I have to return – red light changes.

Another day, he recognized me and asked how I was doing.

-Not so well, really- I answered.

-Do you believe in God?


-Ask him to help you. He will. He will go against your enemies. Things will be all right-and then he smiled.

Red light changes. I know his decision was not easy. Going back to his country might be more dangerous than riding The Beast and crossing the border to the United States illegally. I hope God remembers that he counts on Him.

Un pensamiento en “Waiting for the red light to change

  1. Mi observación es que es bueno escribir en ingles pero continúa en español para tus seguidores que solo hablan español


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