Lazy Mother’s Day

I dreamed that I was teaching my ten-year-old-son how to drive. He was driving, and I was in the copilot seat, stressed out to the maximum, nerves tensed at every move.

After what seemed hours, I asked him to park in front of the Writer’s School that I used to go a while ago. “I can’t do this anymore”, I told him. “We’ll leave the car here, and I’ll call someone to give us a ride”. So, I called my parents.

Then, I woke up.

After a year of homeschooling my ten-year-old , I’ve had enough! What? No? It hasn’t been a year? Well, it seems so.

Today, in Mother’s Day, I want my dream to come true. I just want to step out of this insane vehicle, in which I have to teach my kid in circumstances that neither of us is prepared for.

Happy Lazy Mother’s Day!!!